New Here?

We are glad that you want to find out more about New Hope Church. We exist to proclaim the name of Jesus, which we believe brings real hope for real life. We are driven by the gospel. The church is not called be keepers of the aquarium, or of the status quo. We are not called to live a life of routine complacency. Instead, we are called to live a life of hope, strength, and optimism. We believe this is all because of one man, named Jesus.

Our church also believes that the people beyond the doors are just as important as the people within the doors. We recognize that Jesus never requires his followers to be perfect. It is not about cleaning yourself up, and only then coming to church. We want you, as you are, in a place full of non-perfect people! As the Bible says, all fall short, but then that’s just the starting point!

Our mission field is both at home and abroad. Our reach extends out to anyone in need regardless of background. When we fulfill the great commission, church becomes much more than just a weekend chore or social gathering. Come, join us, on any given Sunday!

This section will help you learn more about our church, our story, our beliefs, and Pastor Lyn Hill. We are glad that you are here.