Got Questions?

We realize attending a new church can be intimidating. We’ve taken some of the common questions we’ve been asked and posted them here. If your question is not answered, then we would like to hear from you through our contact form so that we can answer it for you.

What is your weekend service like?

Each weekend you will find a passionate worship service in a relaxed, friendly, and even inviting contemporary environment. The service can be followed using the large presentation screen and more information can be found in the bulletin. We have a team of Worship Leaders devoted to live and powerful music coupled with a sermon that delivers a relevant and thought-provoking message each week. The little ones have access to a nursery and we also have Hopeville service for those who are a little older.

What do I wear at your service?

You will find the full spectrum of clothing at New Hope Church, from t-shirts (and flip-flops) to business suits (without flip-flops). We are not concerned with what you look like or what you wear. We only hope that you will dress as relaxed or as sharply as you feel you need to be to focus on Jesus.

What happens when I visit for the first time?

We promise not to embarrass you! We’re not about placing our visitors on the spot, and so we won’t have you stand up, hit you up for a donation, or wear a funny hat. Do, however, plan to experience the simple hospitality of the church. It’s our mission not to be overbearing and to simply let you experience the church environment simply making ourselves available. If you have any questions, or desire to speak with someone about the church, you can always head to our information area at the back.