Our Story

New Hope Church was repotted on April 24, 2011.

New Hope Church RepottedIn case you’re not sure about the previous sentence, “repotted” was not a typo. A common problem with plants in a flowerpot is that they can become root-bound. This term means simply that the original vessel that once contained the plant is no longer doing the job, nor is it conducive to further growth. In the case of the previous church, the members knew that a change of direction was needed. Not only had the church become root-bound, but it was slowly dying.

On Easter Sunday, New Hope Church launched with a new vision and mission. It was birthed out of the dreams and hopes of about 30 former members of the old church who simply turned everything over to Jesus. Following the leadership of Pastor Lyn Hill, the church made a commitment to do whatever it would take to become a life-giving church where anyone would be welcomed to discover real hope for real life through knowing and following Jesus. For many, this meant taking a step outside of our comfort zone and relying completely on God for guidance.

The church continues to grow to this very day through seeking God through passionate worship and devoted service. We don’t believe simply that God is at work at New Hope. We have seen God at work in resurrecting his church. Having seen this grace, we desire all the more to share it with others.

The rest of the story, here at New Hope Church, is still being written.